For many years my work has been investigations of personal identity—ethnic, psychological, temporal, spiritual— and with them formal inquiries and medium experimentations. No single exploration could suffice. I finally synthesized all of them. Literally. Many of my recent works are collages and handmade paper that derive from partially completed or failed previous attempts to reconcile ideas. Ultimately, a question of the sublime that ties the infinitely massive to the infinitely small underlies much of my work. While the scale of these extremes is incomprehensible, what I work toward is a concept of order that is neither solid nor stagnant but that is immaterial and unfolding. It manifests itself in tentative balances between antagonists, divisions, separations and confluence of disparate elements of media, technique, representation, abstraction, pattern, and color. These elements frequently yield to tension through unstable or disrupted symmetry, syncopated repetition and layered tonalities. I often reference bubble chamber tracks, cloud formations, ocean currents, maps, supernova and cellular configurations.